Plausible Deniability



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it’s not working out.

Alam Says:

Why do Mormons have to resort to cnateirg all kinds of excuses for the behavior of their prophets and apostles in respect to some of the important teachings they’ve offered ? After all it’s the other churches who offer only the precepts of men on important spiritual truths, especially saving truths but we are assured by Church curriculum : I am not leading the Church of Jesus Christ .I want this distinctly understood. No man does. Joseph did not do it; Brigham did not do it , neither did John Taylor .We seek to obey the Son and follow His footsteps. He will lead no man will ever lead His Church. If the time or condition should ever come to pass that a man , possessing human weaknesses, shall lead the Church, woe be to the Church, for it will then become like the churches of the world, man-made , and man-led, and have no power of God or of life eternal and salvation connected with it, only the wisdom, the judgement and intelligence of man . I pity the world because this is their condition. [ Mel. Priesthood Quorums Course of Study , 1970-1971 , p.196 ] . The above statement is an exclusive one, because only Mormon prophets and apostles claim to be personally directed by Jesus to reveal His truths, only the Mormon prophets have been found to be faithful in consistently providing His spiritual truths that affect one’s relationship with God towards receiving eternal life. Jesus is actively teaching His people using these men so they can be trusted: Our Heavenly Father communicates in a very clear way to His children .In the teachings of the gospel there is no uncertain sound [New Era,11-2007] .

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Well put, sir, well put. I’ll certainly make note of that. Says:

Hei! Er relativt ny i blogg verden, men føler jeg har fått en ny positiv sak inn i livet.Flott blogg og du tar fantastiske bilder, tar du noen gang veien innom Troms og eller Finnmark ønsker jeg booke en time. Takk for fin lesning og keep up the good work! Says:

a garden.  The one thing that is producing, that others seem to not be getting, is tomatoes.  I plant my tomatoes on their sides and I think that was key this year in keeping the root ball warm as our warm weather has been

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they’re assuming a like 90% Tofurkey-based diet, which I think is unfair. This. This this this-y this. I think that it is really hard for many people who have spent their whole lives constructing meals around a central protein to imagine how you would do it any other way (this was definitely something that came up a lot when I was eating with P and his German family a lot last year.) So I think that really leads to the assumption that your meals look just like theirs, except with an enormous tofu loaf at the center of a platter or something. Says:

Comparto… Los elegimos para que debatan , voten y eventualmente se abstengan segun convicciones. Entonces..¿habria que re-leer (en el sentido amplio de la palabra) el art 64 de la Constituciòn Nacional y los Reglamenos propios de cada Camara no??BesoAnita

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